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Officer Raghavan Claims Anthony Pointed the Gun At Officers, Away From He And Officer Vizzusi

Officer Aneez Raghavan arrived on scene with his partner Vizzusi, fresh from completing traffic stops on the Eastside of San Jose. When he got to Feller Avenue that day, he saw Anthony outside the house - bleeding from the head, dazed and confused. He heard the call on radio on the way over that Anthony was suicidal, that he had a gun, and the gun was thrown into the backyard, as ordered by the dispatcher to Anthony's cousin Juan who had called for help.  He posted himself on the 'northside' of Feller -- by Officer Vizzusi and by Officer Dalaison.  The first time that he saw Anthony, he testified that he couldn't see the gun in his hand.  But the second time after Anthony emerged, he testified that Anthony raised the gun, twirled it like a cowboy, and pointed at the officers on Story and Feller -- away from where he, Vissuzi and Dalaison were.

When he said that, jaws dropped in the courtroom. His testimony was in stark contrast to Vizzusi and Santos who testified prior to him, saying that Anthony pointed the gun at the direction of Vizzusi, Dalaison, Raghavan and the 'neighborhood'. 

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