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Officer Dalaison to Anthony: "We Are Not Here To Hurt You." Moments After, Shots Were Fired

After already testifying at the request of the Nuñez family counsel, Officer Rubens Dalaison was brought back to the stand by the City Attorney on Monday morning. As with the other officers, the defense spent a significant amount of time highlighting Dalaison’s training. Much of this drawn out questioning was covered, in large part, by Nuñez's attorneys, including discussion of Dalaison’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) certification that trained him for crises involving mental health issues. Dalaison spent more time laying out the expectations of CIT officers, explaining that the worst course of action is to “be aggressive in their time of need.”

Additionally, he laid out the necessity for distance and cover, reviewing his movements on a birds-eye view of Feller Avenue. For the first time during the trial, alternatives to live ammunition were mentioned by Dalaison who offered a short description of the “40 mill” rubber bullet that is often used as a non-lethal means to addressing crises. Finally, the City played audiotapes of Dalaison speaking to Anthony. Little was audible beyond one phrase, “We are not here to hurt you.”

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