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Neighbor's Eyewitness Account in Stark Contrast To Police Narrative of Anthony's Final Seconds

A photograph flashes of the Nunez home the day that Anthony was killed.  There is an orange tape across the house. On the front lawn is a child's mini-slide and a basketball hoop, and on the porch by the front door is Anthony, shot and handcuffed, laying on the ground.  

This scene was right across the home of Mr. Thomas.  No one knew Mr. Thomas was there, watching through the kitchen blinds the events that took place on July 4th.  Despite living across the Nuñez family for over 40 years, he didn't know Anthony or the family.  But that day, he saw young Anthony get shot on that porch. He testified on the stand saying that there was nothing in Anthony's hands, that Anthony never did anything aggressive, that Anthony never raised his arm in any way -- much less a threatening manner.  Mr. Thomas provides a different account from the officers who said Anthony twirled a gun and pointed it in their direction, causing them to fire and kill him. Despite the City Attorney trying to raise doubt to what Mr. Thomas saw (like asking how open the blinds were, how much light it was outside - despite this shooting taking place on a sunny summer day), Mr. Thomas was firm, clear, and consistent.  In fact, he said it was when he saw the 7-10 officers, military style, batons, protective gear - is when he became concerned for his safety.

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