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Jury Finds San Jose Officers Vizzusi and Santos Liable for UnLawful Killing of Anthony Nuñez

"Verdict = Truth!" - Adante Pointer, in his closing arguments to the jury.

After two weeks of testimony, and three days of deliberation, the jury delivered a verdict declaring officers Vizzusi and Santos liable for the unlawful killing of Anthony Nuñez. The courtroom was packed with Anthony’s family, the supporting community, other families who had lost loved ones to police, and the spirit of Anthony. Amidst collective gasps and cries of relief from the audience pews, the court deputy read the jury deliberation forms, finding the officers liable for excessive force and negligence, and declared that the officers narrative that Anthony pointed a gun at them to be untrue.

The jury exited the room after being thanked by the judge, and attorney Adante Pointer rushed over to hug the parents of Anthony, and told them, “You fought, stayed strong, and they know they can’t get away with this anymore.” Sandy Sanchez was in tears as she walked out, and said Anthony was speaking to her, telling her “You get em Ma!” Pointer told the crowd of over 50 family members and community members that this was a “collective win," and how thankful he was for the presence in the court, the observations of the case dynamics and the courtroom reactions that were emailed to him daily.

Leaving the federal building for the final time, Jesse Sanchez said the trial was like going against Goliath — an endlessly resourced legal team, paid experts and consultants, and the officers themselves. “We’re just people, and we had to be David.” The verdict comes two days before Anthony’s three year Angelversary.

On that day, July 4th, on the heels of this victory, Anthony’s family is hosting a backpack give away for San Jose youth. We are sure Anthony is proud of his family, and the community that continues to honor his memory.

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