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Family and Community Packed the Court for Anthony's First Day of Trial

About 50 family members and community support packed the court today for the civil trial of the San Jose Police officers Michael Santos and Anthony Vissuzi who killed 18 year old Anthony Nuñez. In the words of the family's attorney Adante Pointer, "This shows how this is a life you can't just sweep under the rug." This outpouring of support filled almost every seat in Courtroom 8. Many of Anthony's little cousins, aunts, and uncles were there to lift Anthony's memory, and especially to support Anthony's mom Sandy who faced the officers for the first time. Other family members who lost loved ones to police violence -- including the family of Jacob Dominguez and Phillip Watkins -- showed up in support, along with De-Bug family and community members who themselves are navigating the criminal justice system. Abraham Medina, former director of Resilience OC who now heads up the Community Alliance for Youth and Community Justice Network, drove down from Stockton to support at court. He himself lost a friend to police violence, and drove almost 2 hours just to show love and support to the Sanchez/ Nuñez family.

Besides a long day of jury selection, the City also tried to exclude photos of Anthony's autopsy and a photo of him handcuffed while he was shot -- claiming they were graphic and prejudicial. The Judge denied that request. Opening statements start tomorrow at 9AM.

Click through this slideshow below to see the family and community support that turned out in support of Anthony!

18 year old Anthony Nunez was killed by San Jose Police on July 4, 2016. His family called for aid for a crisis, but SJPD officers Michael Santos and Anthony Vissuzi shot him -- in the front and the back.

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Gina Thayne
Gina Thayne
Jun 19, 2019

From one broken heart to yours I stand with you and hope you get accountability. I already know from personal experience that unless they can bring him back you will never get justice. My heart is with your family. No matter what the outcome they can never wash the blood from their hands.

Never4getdillontaylor💔No Crime,No Weapon, No Threat.


Lupe Lujan
Lupe Lujan
Jun 18, 2019

May the force be with you.👊

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