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Anthony's Mother Gives Courageous Testimony Despite Victim-Blaming Approach By the City Attorney

Anthony's mother Sandy Sanchez took the stand on Monday and had to relive the day of the terrible incident, the day her son was taken away from her. She recounted the sense of dread and helplessness that came over her when she received the news through a phone call from her nephew, Juan. She was out of state for a family reunion, one that Anthony couldn’t attend because he had a new job. Sandy remembers Anthony calling her that same morning saying he missed his family and wanted them to come home. Sandy convinced Anthony to go to work and assured him that they'd be returning the next morning. 

The city attorney took this moment of vulnerability and used it to make it seem like Sandy was to blame for Anthony's suicide attempt - that she nor Anthony’s father had a good relationship with Anthony. Despite this victim-blaming approach by the city attorney, Sandy was able to illustrate her son’s caring personality, his quirky sense of humor and how great of a son he was. When asked what her Anthony and his dad liked to do together, she said they liked to watch movies and eat. This seemingly ordinary description of Anthony and his father enjoying movies and food stood out in contrast to the obvious smear campaign by the other side. The City attorney and the police officers involved in the shooting get to go home after court and enjoy ordinary moments like this with their family. Sandy and her entire family will never have that luxury again with Anthony.

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